5 Reasons for a Virtual Assistant to Keep a Journal

Client work, bookkeeping, social media, follow ups, email, blogging .. it never ends! As a virtual assistant, clients come first and your practice second. You’re 100% on the go until the shop closes for the night. Phew! Now it’s time to add one more thing to your must-do daily tasks – start a journal.

Why? There are many reasons why you should start journaling – from health benefits to your legacy. So let’s jump in and go over five reasons why you should start a journaling habit today.

1. You Can Always Do Better

Never have I met a business owner that wasn’t competitive, yet so many forget to keep measure of their own performance. If you don’t have something to compare yourself against, how will you improve? Journaling should be a habit, just like exercise. Even if it’s only a short 50 words to keep track of your daily progress, you’re doing a great job.

2. History Repeats Itself, So Learn From The Past

It’s generally human nature to repeat your mistakes, and it’s especially common in business start ups, including a virtual assistant practice. Many entrepreneurs make the mistake at least twice and often up to three times. Writing down the mistakes you’ve made, makes you less likely to repeat them. It goes both ways though, if you write down things you did that were successful, you’ll be more likely to do that again in a similar situation. Writing things down “burns” the lesson in to your mind, whether it be good or bad.

Yes, a journal requires pen, paper and some wrist cramping. It’s a physical task and shouldn’t be done on your computer.

3. Everyone Is Curious About The Details Behind The Success

Keep record of everything that happened on your way to the top. People will always want to know the details. Of course you can choose how much you share, but what better way to preserve all the memories that you might have otherwise forgotten than to journal them. You can always look back at anything that you’ve been through during the whole start up process.

4. Reflect On The Day and Meditate on It.

Journaling actually has some mental and health benefits. You get to write your thoughts down and reflect on the day. It’s been shown to lower blood pressure and insulin resistance among several other things. If you aren’t doing it for memories sake, do it for your health. Starting a business is stressful, take some time to slow down and reflect and think about things. Vent it out in writing.

5. The Memories Aren’t Only For You

What if your children want to hear the story about how you get started? Would you regret it if you couldn’t answer some of their questions because you forgot and you didn’t write it down? I know I would. Many people you care about will want to hear about the trials you went through getting started and how you faced all the challenges to get to where you are today. The memories you would preserve aren’t just for your own nostalgia, it’s to share with others too.

So .. head over to Staples, Michael’s or your favorite local shop and pick up a journal, a nice pen and begin today. If you forget a day, that’s OK .. pick it up again and continue documenting. Just like I always say: Keep moving forward.

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