Communication Faux Pas and How to Avoid Them

We all communicate on a daily basis and sometimes we experience a little miscommunication. It happens. No matter how much effort we put into communicating accurately and effectively, we’ve all had an error here and there. Below are the most common communication mistakes that we’ve all been guilty of before and should avoid making in the future.

One Way to Communicate To All.

If you’re trying to communicate to a group of people, it’s important to remember that some people might understand and catch on right away, where others might need you to explain a little more. Take into consideration your audience and make a plan on how you’re going to communicate with them.

Ignoring Your Tone.

Tone is important! It isn’t always what you say, but how you say it. If you’re telling everyone to keep calm in a time of crisis, but your tone is conveying fear and extreme stress, your words aren’t going to be as effective. A good thing to keep in mind is to take a deep breath before you speak, pay attention to what you need to say, and say it.

Ignoring the White Elephant in the Room.

Conflict is a part of life and avoiding it doesn’t make it go away. Don’t try and avoid difficult conversations, instead learn how to carry out a difficult conversation by giving clear feedback, even when it’s difficult.

Not Speaking Your Mind.

It’s important to say what’s on your mind. When you speak up, you’re stating what you want or need while keeping in mind what other people may want or need as well. Be clear with what you’re saying, making your requests known to others while being gentle and confident as to not ruin any good relationships.

Forgetting to Respond, NOT react.

Frustration can cause us to react to the situation, without taking time to respond appropriately. When you start having the emotions that you just want to let out, take a deep breath and consider all the facts of the situation. Then after you’ve taken a moment for yourself, you can respond to the situation.


Gossip destroys trust and reputations. Sure, you’re not meaning anything bad by it, but it can have terrible consequences for everyone involved. If you want to be a trusted individual that is known for their great communication skills, leave out the gossip, speculation or innuendo.

Being Closed-Minded.

n today’s workplace You’re going to experience a lot of different cultures, religions and ethnicities in the workplace and to exclude any of them would show you as being a closed-minded individual. It’s best to embrace diversity, it benefits everyone, including your communication skills.

Too Much Talking, Not Enough Listening.

We have two ears to listen and one mouth to speak because we should listen twice as much as we speak. Being an empathetic listener will help you accomplish more when working with others.

Assuming You’re Being Understood.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking you’re being understood by whoever you’re speaking to. Slight mishaps in communication or misinterpretations can have devastating consequences for everyone involved.

Few things are more important than proper communication. If you can avoid these simple mistakes, you’ll benefit not just as a person, but also in your business.

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