Value is Not Dollar and Cents

Have you ever heard someone complain about how costly lawyers, accountants, doctors and other specialists are? Maybe you have done it yourself, wondering whether you are helping them pay for their costly education.

Have you, however, thought about what they have done for you? This is what you should be focusing on, both when considering the expense of an expert, and when discussing your own fees.

You are an expert, a professional, a business owner and an entrepreneur. Never allow someone to reduce your value.

It is not about the actual cost, it is about what has been saved in money, time and inconvenience. Just as a lawyer, or even a tax expert, assists in finding solutions to bigger problems that could ultimately prove very costly, the expertise you provide to your clients definitely saves them money.

It might be something as simple as organizing their email inbox so they have more time to focus on what is important, or it might be implementing a marketing plan that results in the business growing faster than before. Just because something is obvious to you, does not mean it is obvious to everybody else, and this is your value.

People too frequently confuse affordable with cheap; I see the two as being very different from each other. Cheap is exactly that, it costs very little and has no value. Affordable on the other hand is measured not just in how much it cost, but in how much value that cost returned. Help your clients to see and identify the value in your service, what obstacles and challenges you will be able to help them overcome, how you will be able to help them move themselves and their business forward, and how much time you will be giving back to them.

Tailor you message around value, not dollars, and guide you client into understanding the difference.

About Out of the Office Virtual Assistance:

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