Using Chrome’s RSS Extension with Feedly

Even with the popularity of Twitter and Google+, Rich Site Syndication (RSS) remains a favorite method for staying up to date with what is happening on blogs and news websites. This is why so much was written about Google’s decision to retire their Google Reader service in mid-2013. Feedly, a relatively new web and mobile app, quickly became the preferred replacement for Google Reader, and though importing your existing feeds from Google Reader was easy, subscribing to new feeds through Feedly can be difficult, particularly if you use the Chrome browser.

The RSS Subscription Extension, which you need to install, makes up for the lack of RSS support in Chrome itself, but only comes with Bloglines and My Yahoo as predefined readers. Ugh! No .. UGH!!!! Let’s fix that, ok?

You are able to add additional readers, such as Feedly, by going to your installed extensions (Settings >> Extensions), selecting Options, and in the tab that loads, click on Add. You will be asked to provide a description and a special URL, and if you are using Feedly type that as your description, and the following string as the URL:

Click on Save, and it should be added to the list and set as your default reader. You will now be able to subscribe to new feeds and have them automatically added to Feedly.

Returning to my geekdom .. please move forward 🙂

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