Finding a Talented Virtual Assistant

Using a virtual assistant for certain tasks and projects is a practical and cost-effective solution for many small businesses, but connecting with the right candidate can be difficult at times. The proper candidate would not only have the necessary skills, they should also be easily contactable and dependable. Virtual assistants work remotely, making it possible for you to easily use someone who is based in another country, though caution should be applied, especially when your work is time-sensitive. What methods can you use to find potential candidates?

In our inter-connected world, one of easiest methods for finding a Virtual Assistant is through organisations linked to Virtual Assistants. These include the International Virtual Assistants Association (IVAA), Administrative Consultants Association (ACA), and VA Networking. The nature of these organizations mean that you can always be assured that potential candidates truly are skilled professionals, able to provide evidence in the form of samples and portfolios.

A second option would be to advertise, and this could involve traditional print advertisements in your local newspaper, or via specific websites. Use social media sites such as Google+ and LinkedIn.

A final option, and probably the most reliable, is to get a referral from a trusted colleague or other people in your industry for recommendations. The advantage of this method is that the people being recommended have already worked with your peers who are able to vouch for their skills and ability.

It is vitally important that whichever method you choose to use, you communicate clearly, and in detail, exactly what you need done, and what skills are required. If you are looking for an administrative assistant who can also manage your website state this; candidates respond to advertisements and projects based on the skills that are required and that they have.

Because virtual assistants work for you on an as-needed basis, you will find that over time you may work with different assistants because of their skills and the tasks you have to assign; some virtual assistants specialize only in certain niche markets. This can be advantageous since you would have a pool of candidates and skilled individuals that you can contact whenever the need arises, eliminating the need to search for new candidates each time.

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