I challenge you to …

On my last day at BCI, I had no problem with my graceful exit from the world of finance. I had a clean desk for the first time in I don’t know how long. My clients knew their new point of contact. There was cake. Sweet sugar high of happiness. Until I was paged to come Reception.

I had already accumulated a small stock of arrangements as my last day rambled on, so I assumed there was another going away bouquet arriving. I hopped off the elevator and…

… And …

There was a tree in the lobby.

I read the card as the tears rolled down my cheeks. One of my semi-new clients, who had partnered with us 2-3 months earlier, had sent me a tree. A tree! A tree to plant in my new backyard. A tree that has continued to grow in our yard 15+ years later.

I called to profusely thank them and even though I still choked up a couple of times, I still remember what he said.

You have my sincerest gratitude for taking the time to explain things, welcoming us, and for just being you. As that tree continues to grow, you’ll never forget how much we appreciate you today.

Cue the water works.

I have never forgotten the complexities of the emotions that ran through me at that moment in time. That day, I vowed that when I ran my own business, I wanted to people to know deep down, ingrained in their soul, that I appreciated them, their work, their level of commitment to the company’s goals and philosophies. I appreciate them for simply being themselves.

As a small business owner, you wear a lot of hats – marketer, bookkeeper, sales, social media manager. Those roles, are essential, whether you perform the tasks, hire staff to fulfill the duties, or outsource them to a quality virtual assistant. However you and only you, can express gratitude and make your workplace a better place.

Today I challenge you to change. It’s a big change. One that will keep you awake a night because you are excited for the change.

I challenge you to be better.

“Better” is an objective term; it is measurable, even in its smallest increment. Better builds confidence. Better makes everyone around you better.

So let’s get started.

Make Better Financial Choices

There is something new and shiny available for purchase. That warm, tingly, adrenaline fueled feeling. Mmmm. Just a couple clicks to purchase. Did that item, that thing, that service make you or your business better?

Have Better Engagement

You are the face of your business, you are the brand, and many of us are the product. Express gratitude and heartfelt appreciation to your customers, staff, colleagues and partners. This makes you and your business better.

Select Better Choices for the Environment

Select choices that are better for the environment. Steer away from disposable & plastics; power down your tech at night; go paperless; recycle .. everything.

Be Better.

Choose to be a better person, a better leader, a better business owner. If you are a better person, your team will be better. If your team is better, then you all will succeed on both a business and personal level.

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Image credit: TeamXris | CCO Public Domain