Welcome to the Dark Side

Sometimes as an assistant, you get asked to do some odd things. I know that I have. Since I started on my journey from a freelancer, to a personal assistant, to a virtual assistant, to an administrative consultant, I’ve come across a lot of people. Some of them have been life changers (you know who you are) and others .. well .. not so much.

When a client signs with you, there is an implicit amount of trust expected, given and returned. Depending on the client, you could hold logins & passwords, credit card information, PayPal account info, passport & driver’s license information, plus a myriad of other sensitive information. I have been called “the other woman” in a marriage for good reason – I usually know more about said client, than said client’s spouse.

When do you know it’s gotten too ……… weird, too personal, too awkward? Here’s a short compilation of oddities I’ve run across.

Here is a short list of some odd things I have been asked to do:

  • Find a gift for his mistress’ birthday and holidays
  • Find “some way” to send Cuban cigars to a friend in Germany
  • Coordinate bail to get a client out of jail (DUI’s are common in Vegas, it seems)
  • Drive out of the country to a client’s Mom’s house to get birth records (for a stolen passport)
  • Find a thank you gift commensurate for “that special favor”
  • Write/submit obituary and coordinate wake & funeral for a client’s parent
  • Find sponsors for client’s walk-a-thon’s, charity events

Not odd, per se, but not “normal”

  • Signing their name to anything – holiday cards, thank you notes, etc. It’s totally ok when I sign on both of our accounts “Happy holidays from Joe Smith & Denise Dukette at Joe Smith Entrepreneur Associates, LLC .. it’s when I sign just Joe’s name that it’s weird. No .. I never sign on legal stuff or money stuff on behalf of a client, although I have witnessed or notarized documentation.
  • Finding western culture dining/accommodations in say Nepal
  • Attend a function on behalf of the client or even better, with the client
  • Track a Fantasy Football league while the client was unplugged (actually, there was a whole instruction manual to go along with that) for 3 weeks
  • Opinion on “What looks better – suit A or suit B?” Yay for webcams! Boo for bad fashion choices!!

I am still with a couple of the clients listed above, and others I have parted ways with. Whether the task listed above was the breaking point, or some other reason, the fact remains that some client-VA relationships aren’t meant to be. You need to know when it’s time to walk away.

“It is choice, not chance, that determines your destiny.” — Jean Nidetch

Ultimately, your ethics, reputation and brand are yours, and yours alone. Your choices have a direct effect – so make smart choices. Now that you’ve taken a walk on the dark side, remember that one odd task will inevitably lead to another and only you control the destiny of your business.

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