How to Make Your Business Eco-Friendly in Easy, Cost-Effective Ways

When it comes to running the business in eco-friendly way, the trend of most small business owners are not that much different. They have no problem if their business helps the environment so long as they lose nothing particularly their effort or money.

But the fact is that eco-friendly business practices can be good for your finances as well. Listed below are a few simple, effortless and cost-effective steps to do that.

Pull out the Plug

It is a fact unknown to many that even when the office equipment are switched off they can draw substantial electricity through though “vampire power” or “phantom load.” According to a study conducted by The University of California LA, gadgets that in stand-by mode or empty adapters and charger can cause around 5-20 percentage of your monthly power consumption.

Purchasing power strips to enable your staff to switch off electricity when they leave can be a worthy option. Also, installing automated thermostats to control the heating or air-conditioning system in such a way that they are turned on before the staff comes and off when they leave the office can have huge impact on your power bills.

Go Paperless

It is estimated that in the US, an office worker consumes around 10,000 sheets of paper every year on average. If you use social media to advertise instead of printing of advertisement material substantial savings can be achieved.

Paperless, or electronic billing, will save you a lot in printing and mailing expenses, plus eliminate the processing delay. If it is unavoidable to buy paper, get only 100% recycled paper.

Purchase Watchfully

Whenever you go for a purchase decision of any electronic equipment, look for Energy Star-rated products only. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency projects that if each and every computer that is purchased in the country has Energy Star qualification, the annual savings on energy costs would be $1.8 billion in addition to the drop in greenhouse gas emissions equal to 2 million vehicles.

Energy Star rated refrigerators consume at least 15 percent less energy than conventional models and dishwashers save at least 1,300 gallons of water in their life span. In addition, water saver faucets will help reduce the flow of water by 33%, without affecting performance.

Go Back to Tap Water

In case you are buying bottled drinking water in the office, think of using the tap water and buy a filter instead. In addition to the cost savings you will also reduce the number of plastic bottles ending up in garbage. Bottled water can cost around 1,900 times more than tap water as per reports of Environmental Working Group. If you still doubt tap water, think that the EWG states that 9 of the 10 top brands selling bottled water are moderately transparent on their source, treatment method, and purity of their products. A study conducted by EWG in 2010 traced 38 contaminants in 10 top brands.

Invest in a Brita™ system to store in the fridge or, if you must, get the old fashioned 5 gal water coolers. Much more eco-friendly than bins and bins full of plastics.

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