Screen Sharing with Join.Me

When you work virtually, you lose the advantage of seeing someone face-to-face, helping them out, pointing to something on a screen. Training can be a challenge when you work remotely, especially with a new client.

There are a couple of no-cost options for screen sharing to help you get on board, or for training. Google+ hangouts is one .. but we’ll talk about later in another post. Ditto for Skype. Today, let’s chat about is a simple, easy to use screen sharing tool. Period.

How do you use it?

First time initiating users (meaning you are sharing your screen with someone else) will need to download a quick 5-second install.

If you are initiating the share, click the icon to start the mini-program. You see an orange ring around your screen and at the top of your screen is a number. Something like:

Finally, communicate the URL via email, IM, etc. and your viewer can see your screen.

If you are a viewer, someone will send you a direct URL, or you can visit and type in the 9 digit code on the main page.

How easy is that?!

There is a free version and a pro version. Props to the team .. the free version is generous, including multi-monitor capabilities. In addition, the free plan also includes use on your iPad, iPhone or Android phone or tablet.

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