5 Tips for an Eco-Friendly Office

Implementing a few Eco-friendly measures in your home-office will not only benefit the environment, it could benefit your health. The following steps outline a few measures that offer both of these benefits.

-1- Eco-Friendly Paint

When painting a room you are always advised to wear a mask and to ensure the room is well ventilated. This is because ordinary paints contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs) like formaldehyde and benzene, which have been linked to several health problems. These VOCs will continue to be given off for months afterwards, so rather consider low or no VOC paint formulas.

Brands to consider include Mythic Paint, ECOS Paints, Unearthed Paints, and the Natura range from Benjamin Moore.

-2- Double Glazed Windows

If possible, replace all the windows in your office with double, or even triple, glazing. These windows help reduce heat transfer, resulting in a warmer office in winter and cooler in summer. An added benefit is that they also reduce noise-levels, which is useful in any office environment.

-3- Energy-Efficient Appliances

Replace your desktop computer with a laptop, which is far more energy-efficient, and set it to hibernate after 10-minutes of inactivity. Get into the habit of turning off all your office equipment before you leave each day, and if you find yourself still forgetting to turn off some devices, use a smart power strip on them.

If your line of work demands a desktop computer, ensure that you invest in a new model regularly to always benefit from any energy improvements, and use an LCD or LED monitor that is ENERGY STAR™   compliant.

-4- Eco-Friendly Furniture

Shop around for used furniture before investing in something new, you will be surprised by the quality and price of certain pieces. If you cannot find any furniture using this method, then consider investing in bamboo office furniture, which is much more Eco-friendly than a solid mahogany set. Benefit your health by spending a little extra on an ergonomic office chair; you will spend a lot of time sitting, and this will ensure your posture does not suffer.

-5- Smart Printing

Controlling unnecessary printing is easier in a home-office environment, but it does not mean you can get away with printing everything. Always consider whether you need a hard copy of a document before you hit the print button. Online cloud storage has made safe off-site document storage accessible and affordable, reducing your need to have printed copies of every document, email and sales pitch.

When you really have no option but to print, do so on recycled paper, using recycled or Eco-friendly cartridges. Try out recycled ink cartridges and always recycle your empty ones.

Introducing eco-friendly measures into your home-office is easy once you know what some of your options are. These simple steps will not only benefit you but also the environment.

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