Unbelievable Yet True: Pinterest Generates More Traffic Than Twitter

It is unbelievable but true. According to the study conducted by a third party online sharing tool Shareaholic , the social networking website Pinterest which is a virtual pin-board, allowing the users to upload and share photos online, presently generate more traffic than its competitor Twitter. So with regard to drawing traffic referrals, Pinterest > Twitter.

The basis of the study is the data collected from 200,000 web publishers who together has a patronage of nearly 270 million unique site visitors each month.

Certainly it was breaking and surprising news in February 2012 that Pinterest outshone the combined strength of the sites, Google+, YouTube and LinkedIn when it comes to referral traffic. Still Twitter had already made a niche for itself as the leading sharing network virtually, with facilities like shortened urls, instantaneous, precise information transfer.

Tip: Pinterest is still by invitation-only. Pretty easy to score an invite .. takes about 24-hours to show up.

Surprisingly, Pinterest came close in one month and went up from a 0.85 percent share of referral traffic in January 2012 to 1.05 percent in February 2012. This social pinboard site is just now behind only the leaders in the online social media world, Facebook and StumbleUpon. This will be more surprising when you note that access to Pinterest is still by invitation only.

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Image credit: FirmBee | CCO Public Domain