7 Requirements for a Virtual Assistant

Don’t underestimate the job of a virtual assistant. Working from home doesn’t mean she’s not working or anyone can do her job. There are certain requirements regarding skills a virtual assistant needs before they can call themselves a virtual assistant.

-1- Communicating

A virtual assistant must be able to communicate, and to do it well. The virtual assistant is the person, representing your business, that clients will come into contact with. Poor communication skills will be disastrous when the virtual assistant is the one that interacts with people to set up appointments, create schedules, relay messages to you, and arranges meetings. The main tool the virtual assistant communicates with is their writing skills using instant messaging, and emails.

-2- Computer

The virtual assistant does all the work on their computer. She not only needs great computer skills, but also a reliable computer with online access. They will also need to do basic computer maintenance.  Virtual assistants make use of a variety of online software, and can probably teach you or advice you regarding what is necessary for your business.

-3- Data Entry

Data entry is a necessary task that many clients need to have done. Included in data entry is typing tasks, editing current data or information, data entry into forms, updating databases and proofreading of text.  It is a task easily done from home. The competition is fierce for this kind of job. It is one of the essential tasks a virtual assistant should be competent in.

-4- Desktop Publishing

Although these tasks can be done in MS Word, MS Publisher is the preferred option because of the templates already available in Publisher. Tasks that fall under desktop publishing are: brochures, business cards, creating books, calendars, name tags, menus, envelopes, letterheads, magazines, newsletters, pricelists, logos, and websites.

-5- Organization

Organizing their work and the order of priority is essential to a virtual assistant. They need to merge the project priorities with practical application of the different tasks needed to be done. They cannot confuse clients and projects, it will not only be embarrassing to you, but it will be disastrous.

-6- Typing

Typing skills are very important, because the majority of work done by a virtual assistant is with a keyboard. Accuracy of their typing is as important as her typing speed. The average typing speed should be 60 words per minute. When they need to transcribe a document, it cannot take them the whole day because of poor typing skills. Error free typing is vital.

-7- Writing

The majority of tasks a virtual assistant does are done by writing. They write business letters, emails and replying to emails, articles, blog posts and even the instant messaging. The writing skill of the virtual assistant will reflect your professionalism and standard of work.A virtual assistant should be able to multi-task and be efficient in various necessary skills. These skills are in demand, and a virtual assistant that is competent, will be in great demand. Secretaries and administrative assistants become very successful virtual assistants.

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