Be Eco-Friendly Every Day

It is easy to say you are eco-friendly, but have you actually noted to what extend you are really eco-friendly on any given day? Do you have eco-friendly habits, or are your attempts halfheartedly? Not because you don’t want to, but life happens and then you forget.

Here is a walk-through of tips in having an eco-friendly day, every day.


A cup of coffee or tea in the morning is for some a great way to start their day. Most of the times, water is boiled by using the kettle instead of the hob. When you fill the kettle, don’t fill it to its brim, but only add enough water to make your coffee or tea. Great, you started your day being eco-friendly.
Your breakfast will impact your green habits. Use fresh products bought locally instead of products that need a lot of packaging to reach its destiny. Fresh bread, eggs and fruit can be bought in your local store. If you prefer your cereal in the morning, bear in mind some cereals are highly processed, for example oatmeal.


If you need to drive to work, consider alternatives such as a carpool or using the bus or the train. Public transport has additional advantages of allowing you to relax while in traffic, because you are not the one driving. Walking and cycling are healthy alternatives for yourself and your planet.
However, if you live too far to walk or cycle, and one of the pleasures of driving to work is to stop for a coffee, consider taking your own cup instead of using the plastic take-away cups. You can save money by making your thermos full of coffee to take with you.

At Work

Sometimes it’s easier to be eco-friendly at home than at work. Everybody is not so green conscious at work; some don’t care at all. So it is very tempting to ignore it at work or pass it on as someone else’s responsibility. However, if everybody does that, who is going to be responsible for our beautiful planet? Be the example for others to follow, and start by switching off lights when you leave a room, and switching computers, printers, and copiers off before leaving the office at the end of the day. Support the recycling program, or begin one if there isn’t one. Using green stationary is another way to be eco-friendly in the office.


Lunchtime presents eco-friendly opportunities. When at work, if you get a take-out or a sandwich from a vendor, consider the packaging of the meal. Biodegradable cardboard is not the ideal but better than plastic packaging that most sandwiches are wrapped in.

Making sandwiches at home or bringing home cooked meals to work, are healthier, cost effective, and more eco-friendly. The sandwiches can be transported in a reusable bag or in an airtight container.


The television should only be switched on when somebody is actually watching the television. Don’t switch the television on the moment you get home, without watching television.

Walking and jogging are great ways to exercise without spending money and at the same time enjoying the outside. If you prefer visiting the gym on your way to or from work, consider their eco-friendly policies. The lighting, the way the machines are powered and the high-flow showers are not eco-friendly. Talk to your gym about becoming more eco-friendly.


When you have take-out for dinner, wash the containers before you recycle them. Don’t throw them straight into the bin.

When cooking your own meals, be aware of water and heat usage. Use the right size of pots and pans for cooking food. You don’t need a large pot to cook a small amount of rice. Putting and keeping the lid on the pot, retains heat, and allows you to turn down the heat. Steam cooking vegetables is not only a healthy habit but less water is used.

Use the oven by planning ahead. Have the sweet potatoes and muffins ready to be added simultaneously to the oven. The heat of the oven stays the same when you cook more things at the same time. It isn’t necessary to turn up the heat.


End your day with the final eco-friendly actions before you fall asleep. Make sure the computers and televisions are turned off. Turn off the lights. Turn down the electric blanket or other heating. Use an extra blanket if needed during the night.

Have a good night’s rest, knowing you have done your best to keep your planet safe. Tomorrow is another day and another step in protecting the planet.

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