Moving To Green Office Space

Office space .. who needs it? Maybe us someday!

With all the new initiatives that we have undertaken in 2009, down the road we just may need to move out of the home office and into new digs.

Businesses need office space. Green conscious businesses will want to operate from eco-friendly building space. Is it beneficial and cost-effective to consider an echo-friendly building? What should a business consider when searching for a green building?

It’s been itching the back of my noggin. I’d rather know now what to look for, to consider, etc. so that when the time comes, it’s a slam dunk.

Tony Ash, director of Earth911 advised that the people, who are going to work there, is the most important factor to consider when moving to a green building or changing the current office space to a green environment. The interaction between the people and the working space and material around them, play an important role. He was of the opinion that, “With an emphasis on the latter, planning for environmental sustainability comes organically. We are what we eat and breathe, after all.”

Before packing up and moving the business to the new green premises, research is necessary. Amen! It is important to have contractors that are prepared to work with you. Good research should provide you with eco-friendly features that are cost-effective, practical and pleasing to the eye. You will be surprised at the variety of options available in green products and material. The problem will not be to find material, but rather choosing from the large variety available.

Tony Ash gave examples of materials they made use of:

  • Zero-VOC paint, finishes and adhesives
  • GreenGuard-certified furniture
  • Recycled content carpet and chairs
  • Recycled aluminum door frames
  • Use of natural lighting, windows and open spaces throughout the office
  • Infrared light timers to automatically turn off lights (CFLs and fluorescents) when not in use
  • From my ecclectic list: Go to the rehoming places locally and find some funk stuff. Make your office .. well .. yours!

It is good practice to check on claims of being green made by products, materials and office buildings. In other words, make sure the claim or the label on the product is true regarding being echo-friendly. If not sure, seek advice from a source that is not part of the project but has the knowledge and experience to give objective advice. Greenwashing is the familiar term for consumer products.

It is commonly perceived that eco-friendly products are expensive. Perhaps it was so in the beginning, but it is no longer the case. Eco-friendly businesses are as competitive as any other business. They realize that to compete in the market, it will not help to out-price your products or services. Prices should be competitive to the specific market the product feature in.  Many businesses have realized there is a demand from eco-friendly products.

This is the ideal time to spring clean and get rid of unused equipment lying in the hidden recesses. Most business is dependent on technology and as technology upgrades, equipment becomes outdated and is replaced. Instead of getting rid of the old equipment that was stored for a rainy day that never comes, take the opportunity to visit the local recycler for electronics, Freecycle, selling or donating to a good cause.

While I’m a bit on the small size, down the road, it is conceivable that I might need some assistance. Green Movers USA is one place to find a moving company utilizing reusable carriers. Bubble wrap that is reusable can be used to wrap electronics, paintings and other items that need protection. When the move is over, you can always Freecycle the wrappings .. they generally don’t last long.

At the new premises, after everything is unpacked, step back and enjoy the new uncluttered eco-friendly environment and to start new eco-friendly practices in the new digs. Place recycle bins at convenient points. Compost can be made of leftover foods and coffee grinds. Use reusable mugs, glassware and other dishes instead of plastic.

Someday ………..

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