5 Signs You Need a Virtual Assistant

The idea of spending money without good reason is anathema to many business owners, particularly when it comes to hiring someone to help get the job done. There is,however, absolutely nothing wrong with hiring a Virtual Assistant, and can be essential to your business success and growth. But how do you know when the time has come for you to do this?

-1- When Your To-Do List Becomes Unmanageable

It is perfectly normal to not get to all tasks on your to-do list each day. Once you find yourself accomplishing far less than what you set out to do, and your list of what needs to be done keeps doubling or tripling in size, it is time to get a virtual assistant. While some tasks need to be assigned by you, there are many daily tasks that can easily be delegated.

-2- When You Postpone Tasks

The reason we postpone certain tasks is because they involve things we don’t enjoy. We would rather spend our time doing tasks we love than those we dislike, but postponed tasks can easily snowball into a larger problem. Hand these tasks over to your virtual assistant so that they don’t heap up, and you get to focus on what you love.

-3- When You Are Not Good at Something

Stop trying to be an expert in all fields. Unless copywriting, marketing or event planning are what your business specializes in, they shouldn’t be getting too much of your attention. Virtual Assistants have specific areas they focus or excel in, so hire a VA who is an expert at what you need done.

-4- When You Turn Down New Clients

The most telling sign that you need a Virtual Assistant is when you start turning down new clients due to your existing workload, or you increasingly find yourself not completing work for your clients on time. Delegate all those administrative tasks, that need to be completed monthly, to your Virtual Assistant so that you can give your undivided attention to your clients.

-5- When You are Unable to Focus on Growing Your Revenue

Look back at all the tasks you handled on your own in the last month. How many of them were directly linked to growing your revenue? The tasks that bring in sales, close sales, and maintain relationships linked to future sales are what you should be spending most of your time on. Keeping the filing up to date, doing the bookkeeping and other related tasks are what your Virtual Assistant should be doing.

About Out of the Office Virtual Assistance:

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Image credit: bohed | CCO Public Domain