7 Easy Methods for Finding Clients for Your Virtual Assistant Business

If you are a new virtual assistant, finding new clients can be a chore. If you know the right place to look for, finding new clients can be so easy. There are several proven tricks that actually work and you can progress in your virtual business straight away. Listed below are 7 places to look for to get a good start.

1. Previous Employers

The first place look for when you are searching clients for your new business is certainly your past employers. There is a good relation already in existence and they know precisely what your capabilities are. They have a sample of your work and they know what task to entrust you. Many successful VAs testify that when they first started out, their previous employers were the first clients. Employers seldom want to lose good and dedicated workers. But the most important thing is that you should let them that you are available and ready to offer your services to them. With the experience you had with them you can also explain the benefits of engaging you than an unknown person from outside.

2. Past Colleagues

Most of your past colleagues may still want your help and support and they can help you establish your business. For example when they need an urgent presentation done they will certainly remember you and recommend you. Thus you can build good relation and progress further. So it is important keep your former colleagues updated of your virtual business.

3. Present Contacts

Have you ever thought how your hairdresser keeps in touch with his clients? He might be sending out newsletter his clients, for which he may need expert assistance. You can help him in designing and sending the newsletters and also keep a client database. Likewise, your accountant or local grocer may need help in maintaining a blog or website. Your Doctor or Lawyer may be looking for transcription services. So everybody around is looking for some service or the other. You just tell them that how you can help them.

4. Friends and Family

Similarly your friends and relatives may also be requiring some service or other. List out your services against their needs and tell them that you are available. Keep in mind, working with family (and friends) can be difficult, so be sure to separate personal life from business life.

5. Industry Specific Organizations

Each industry has many organizations all around the world. There are hundreds of them and every industry has their specific needs and requirement. Do some internet research and find out some of these organizations. Most of them have their own websites where the contact information including email and phone are available. Find out the industry best matching your skills and area of service. If you can establish contact with one of their members and earn goodwill, you have made it.

6. Networking Groups

There are many networking groups available off-line. Start with the local business chamber and give them a PowerPoint presentation during breakfast or dinner. Work out a special offer which they can’t afford to miss.

7. Freelance Websites (aka Bid-for-Hire sites)

There are many freelance websites. Simply register with them and start bidding on projects on offer. Once you get an offer and get a positive feedback the chances of repeat business is there. Tip: Service rates on these sites is low, so it’s not something I would encourage as the main form of finding clients.

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Image credit: geralt | CCO Public Domain