Make a Great First Impression with Your New Client: Send Them a Welcome Kit!

The first thing a new Virtual Assistant should provide their clients is a “Welcome Kit” introducing their business to the new client. Designing a welcome kit is absolutely not hard and it is worth the time and effort spent on it. I’ve even written about this before .. it’s that important! It goes a long way in building credibility for your business right away. Welcome kits are a tool to introduce your business to them highlighting all your mowie wowie talents.

The welcome kit is the most easy and professional way to present important information and business related forms to the clients. This can either be physically packed in a convenient folder or in email format and send to the client. Though this is a simple step it is very important to build reputation and establish your credibility as a business owner. Whichever way you choose, do it professionally and seriously, addressing the specific needs and requirements of the client.

Now the question arises what all items to be included in the welcome kit. The answer is that it varies depending on nature of each VA’s business and the needs of the client. As each business is unique the kit should also be unique. Yet, there are some common things which can be included in the kit like:

  1. A welcome letter printed on your letterhead introducing your business to your clients.
  2. A few business cards. Try to include extra cards which can be used for referrals. I usually send 3 – one for their office, one for their home office and one to give away.
  3. If you have a professionally designed and printed brochure, be sure to include that.
  4. If both you (the VA and the client) are from United States include a W-9 Form for tax purposes.
  5. Any relevant promotional materials, such as articles about your business, press releases, or testimonials etc. [Be green and send these on a jump drive!]
  6. Promotional giveaways like pens, calendars, magnets, if you have some.

Generally all contracts, statements of work and forms have already been executed, so take the time to highlight your business and yourself. Include a handwritten note (and please, for once, write legibly) with a few words or sentences of appreciation for the client’s business and then give a brief introduction to your own business. Collateral materials can highlight your business policies and work procedures.

Remember that the best way to build your business is through referrals. Best advertisement for your business is a good referral from a satisfied client. So, when you are mailing the kit, add some extra business cards and brochures for referrals by the client. Please keep the client informed of the incentive polity you have for referrals.

The time, effort and the money spent in designing and compiling a professional welcome kit is really worth for your virtual business.

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