Time and Stress: The Dynamic Duo

When you are stressed your productivity decreases and with lower production, you need extra time for quality product. Another way to say the same thing: When you work overtime, you get stressed. It’s a cycle and managing one has the same overall effect of managing the other.

Where does it start? Where does it end?

Obviously when your workload increased. And a systemic approach to organize your work activities will be your first agenda to make yourselves productive in that situation. But, what can you do when you feel like failing to put together everything? When you are discontent after every task? It’s the symptom of stress growing in.

Here are some strategies, effective to manage stress and in turn time or time and in turn the stress. You can opt any of these.

  • Professional Time Management: Techniques and tips strewed all over the internet to manage time obviously didn’t cut. So now it’s the time for some professional help. Take a course on time management. This gives you better insights of time management and also the mentor or sponsor at the course can personally guide you.
  • Stretch your legs: Primary remedy for stress. When you feel like you need one, take a break. It is evident that organizational abilities won’t come together if you are in stress. Walk around the corner, hear some music. Take the day off if you feel so or even a vacation.
  • Outsource: Hire a virtual assistant (VA). Handover those simple administrative works to him/her. Enjoy some family time.
  • Plan and Prioritize: Make a list of goals to accomplish for the day. Make sure it is in the descending order of priority; it is not profitable to do works that lack significance and take much time. Schedule the tasks.
  • Learn to say no: You can’t help everyone. Learn to say no to tasks. Hard lesson to learn, especially for a virtual assistant.
  • Modularize Tasks: Divide your work into smaller tasks. Carry out one by one.
  • Test the waters: Take time to analyze the overall nature of work and expertise needed. Jumping right into a vexed task can cause confusion and thus introduces stress.
  • Analyze yourself: Analyze and note the way you spent time. Seek out where you are unnecessarily spending time and where you can make better use of.
  • Avoid (or limit) distractions: Concentrate on the task. More concentration means better use of time. If necessary turn off the phone and isolate yourselves.
  • Quality is a priority: Keep calm and take your time to get a quality product. This will give you a content feel and reduces errors.
  • Health first: Don’t eat junk food. Sleep well. Exercise daily. When you are healthy, the chance of getting stressed diminishes.

About Out of the Office Virtual Assistance:

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