The Feng Shui Office: Do’s and Don’ts

Working at home in your home office for long hours can be very demanding. But by following these do’s and don’ts in an office designed on Feng Shui can really make feel the difference.


  • Always sit in the further most corner from the door that will give you a position of command.
  • Always sit in such a position that there is a wall or corner behind you which will give you support. If there is a projecting pillar cover it by hanging a wall.
  • If you are sitting in front of a window, make sure that there is a tall building on your back to give support of a mountain.
  • Place your computer system in the West or North area of the room to boost creative skills. If you want to generate income place in the South-East corner.
  • Have an aquarium or a small table-top fountain in the North, East or Southeast direction. An aquarium in the North with blue or black fish will certainly enhance your business and career. For an aquarium made of glass and metal, Guppies or a single Arowana fish could be the best
  • Have a metal safe in the direction representing metal element, i.e., West or Northwest for financial security and prosperity of your business.
  • Have a properly balanced yin and yang while you beautify the office. There should be balance of contrast in colors, softness of surfaces, and roughness of textures in furniture, flooring and window treatments.
  • The files and other documents in the represent the past, present, and future of your business and treat them with respect.
  • The cords in your office equipment should be hidden properly to eliminate clutter and allow free flow of chi.

Don’ts :

  • Never sit in front of or in line with any door which is the path of negative energy
  • If you are running a home based business, take care not to away from the door. Business always reaches you via the door only and so it is important to keep in mind not to turn your back to it.
  • Never arrange the work space in a manner that when you look outside the corridor, stairway, elevators, escalators, closets, or toilets.
  • Mirrors reflect negative energy from the clients and visitors to other people inside the room. So it is important not to have any mirror in the office to have control over the energy in the office.

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