Clean Up and Organize your Home Office

Aww, Mom .. I don’t wanna!! Pft!

Your workplace at home is supposed to be a shrine for work .. no joke. Your home office is what keeps your tummy full, keeps the lights and provides for you and your family. Sometimes though, it resembles something like your attic, or “that” closet like you’d see on an old episode of the Flintstones, where everything falls out the minute you open the door. According to Feng Shui, derangement (the opposite of arrangement) inhibits the flow of energy and affects us negatively; thus reducing production and may push us into some state of stress and depression. So if you feel like you are losing focus and something is affecting your productivity, its major time to clean up and organize your home office.

Consider decluttering as one of the top priority projects you are working on. Let’s discuss some strategies to organize your home office and reduce confusion.

Calendar ♥

This is one of the most mentioned management technique. Create a daily to-do file including priorities to get more organized and focus on daily, weekly and monthly goals. This technique gives opportunity to remember chores and regain focus when we get busy and get distracted. Also calendaring can guide us during confusion caused from undertaking more than one project at a time.

Personal Items

A family photo can remind you of who you are working for, but do you need that in your office? Wouldn’t it be better served in another area of your home (you know .. where your personal life happens?). Freecycle the tchotchkes, move personal items out. Keep your walls simple, yet cheery.

Save trees, save space

In this digital age, hard copies may come handy but waste a lot space. Clerical papers, letters, documents and other files can be saved and backed up as soft copy. In the process, you will get nature’s blessing for saving some trees too.

Open space = Good

Isn’t it a peace of mind to see some open space in front you? If your brain is constantly getting an overcrowded view, it goes into a state of stress which obviously can affect your productivity. Declutter your desk and keep some open space at your desk .. a lot of open space.

Ditch the Catch-All Bin

Even when you decide to organize items, you may become lazy and label some as miscellaneous and put it all together in a drawer or a bin. Surprisingly, this used to be my physical inbox. Yes, I used to have one of those. When the time comes it may become difficult to find the required item from this group of miscellaneous cr@p. Keep in mind that everything has its own place and purpose.

Take time to sort it out

Use bins instead of shelves: Shelves take up more space. So using book bins is an intelligent way to sort your books out for quick access without taking much space.

Prioritize and Sort

Any work that can be taken care of later should be moved to a secondary stack/pile/bin. You can use a drawer or a shelf to keep your secondary work thus clearing it from your main work area or desk. When you get free time, you can take care of these items. Just schedule some time on your calendar to get it done .. and do it!

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