Use Twitter – Get Clients

The use of Twitter purely as a social tool for communicating with friends is now countered by its use as a business tool. As a business tool it is extremely powerful as a means of self-promotion, engaging with clients, and even for finding new clients. Using Twitter gives you access to an incredibly large audience, with an equally large chance that some of them will at some point need your services. What should you be doing, as a service provider, to find and connect with potential clients on Twitter?


People have started using Twitter as a way to find specific services and products, either by searching or by using a hashtag (#) in their tweet. Make sure your profile includes specific details about the services and skills you offer, and a link to your business website. You should also develop a habit of searching for hashtags referencing your services as a way to reach out to potential clients.


Follow and network with peers within your industry niche, not only to stay abreast of developments and trends, but also as way to gain new clients. Should any of your peers land a project that is too big for them to manage on their own, they may reach out to you for assistance to manage any tasks they cannot do alone.


Use Twitter not only to network, engage and promote, use it to also share your knowledge and expertise. Whenever you see anyone asking for advice in your area of specialty, respond with relevant information that could assist them. You aren’t aggressively selling yourself or your services in these messages; instead you are focused on establishing authority in a certain field, and the next time this individual has a project that could use your knowledge they may contract you specifically.


Word of mouth is still one of the most powerful marketing tools, if not the most powerful, with people always more willing to use a service provider who was recommended by people they trust. Develop a reputation for always providing exceptional service reliably, and maintain excellent relations with your current clients. People share great experiences almost as frequently as they share bad experiences, but it is only great experiences that come with a positive recommendation, and that is what you want.

People, and clients, pay attention to what is said on Twitter, making it one of the best methods for gaining exposure, and finding new clients.

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