I was reading one of my friend’s blog about Monday motivation and decided to do a bit of writing on my own.

To make the most of my Mondays, I “close shop” at 4:00p on Friday and spend the next hour or so picking up.

  • I clean up my desk
  • Empty the recycling bin & trash can
  • Vacuum the office
  • Make my to do list for next week
  • Update my project calendar and post it on my site for my clients to see.
  • If there is some free time, I try to send a quick “Checking in” email to those clients that I haven’t heard from in a while, or add that to my to do list.
  • Since I try not to work on the weekends, I have my virus scan on Fridays at 6:00p and if I do poke my head into my office over the weekend, the scan is done by Saturday morning.
  • On Monday morning, when I walk into my office … everything is tidy, organized and I’m ready to go.

Don’t be afraid to use some of your office time to keep things tidy & organized. It will make you more productive. If you have children, have them help you out with the Friday routine – cleaning, filing, labeling, etc. It gives you the opportunity to be in your office, along with your children, while still being productive.

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