Manage Your Energy, Not Your Time

As we put in longer hours at the office to manage increased demands and pressure, so too do we put pressure on ourselves mentally, physically and emotionally. We cannot concentrate and are less engaged at work and at home, and this then leads to negative behavior that only exacerbates the problem. Poor sleeping habits, irregular meals, lack of exercise and no leisure time all contribute towards poor physical and emotional health. But how can one address this?

You can begin by changing your behavior in small ways which are then applied consistently. Go to bed earlier, and always at the same time. Avoid excessive amounts of stimulants and alcohol at night, and make time to eat healthy meals. These easy adjustments can lead to you resting better at night and feeling more refreshed in the morning. Use this new energy to begin an exercise routine, which will actually raise your energy levels while also benefiting your health overall. And make a point of leaving your office for lunch, even if only to sit or walk in a nearby park.

When combined and applied consistently, these behavior changes will see you feeling more relaxed, and having more energy, even if you are still working long hours at the office. They all lead to improved mental agility, and better emotional and physical stamina; this in turn improves productivity in the office, and quality of life outside of the office. You can expect to see improvements in both your family and client relationships, and your overall engagement and concentration.

If you head up an organization with more than one employee, start investing in building and maintaining their capacity and not only their skills and knowledge. Your business cannot grow if your staff are not motivated or engaged by what they are doing, or if they are regularly off sick. Work with them to address any behaviors that may affect their capacity, and you can begin this by encouraging them to leave the office during their lunch break. Capacity relates to their energy, and improved capacity or energy leads to greater productivity that is sustained over the long term, which is what any business ultimately wants.

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