6 Tips for Working at Home With Children

Normally I work at home about 30 hours during the typical week. This enables me enough time to spend with my family, keep a semi-clean house, do laundry, and fit in some “pamper me” time. For many virtual assistants, this can be very tricky with small children around at home. So I have framed a set of rules and procedures to deal with the situation, which anybody in the similar position can try.

  1. Separate the office from the living area and keep it out-of-bounds during the working hours. Put some visible sign like a colored light for the children to easily understand when they are not supposed to enter the office.
  2. Invest in some quality headphones or other equipment so that you can work in a quiet atmosphere.
  3. Have a proper work schedule, and always stick to that. It is very important to maintain the schedule to manage both work and home simultaneously. Come out of the office at the set time as if you are returning from office and spend the time with your children.
  4. Train your children some basic etiquette. These include, keeping silent the moment your cell phone starts ringing. It is equally important to keep the phone ringer is turned on and not on vibrate mode so that the children realizes that you are actually attending the call and not talking to them.
  5. Have a long lunch break and spend time with your family. Enjoy the opportunity you have by working from home and take time out in the middle of the working day and have a long and leisurely lunch with family.
  6. Tell your spouse to use IM or email. This will enable you to communicate with him/her constantly as if you would do with your co-workers in office.

This is your business and you dictate the business policies. Don’t forget that it’s very important to have your work-life balance as well as investing some time in pampering yourself.

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