What Do Clients REALLY Want? A Partner!

One of the biggest frustration for many business owners is having a virtual assistant who does not take full responsibility of their role as an administrative professional. Business owners make use of virtual assistants specifically because they do not want another employee, they want a professional who is not only able to complete any tasks assigned to them, but also able to manage projects as a partner.

As an administrative expert, virtual assistants are expected to guide the client in creating strong administrative principles in the business. This can only be achieved through a combination of leadership and knowledge sharing, not by waiting for the client to tell you what to do. Ideally you should be able to anticipate the needs of your client so that you are able to respond to queries or changes quickly.

Clients frequently express regret at finding themselves with a follower rather than a partner, with virtual assistants who appear to lack entrepreneurial spirit. Any leadership skills displayed are reactive rather than pro-active, and the client finds themselves constantly following up with the virtual assistant, instead of receiving detailed feedback from the assistant.

Clients acknowledge that there will always be a learning curve at the beginning of any client-partner relationship, but they still expect strong initiative from the virtual assistant. Instead of expecting your client to tell you what they want you to do, give them a list of what you need from them to get started. Schedule time with your client to give them regular feedback on which tasks have been completed, and always ensure you adhere to deadlines.

Be accountable .. be transparent!

In order for you to offer a truly professional service to your clients you need to fully own and manage your business, and this can only be achieved by abandoning any lingering attachments you have to a traditional employer-employee mindset.

About Out of the Office Virtual Assistance:

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