Feng Shui for Home and Office

According to ancient eastern wisdom ch’i is the life force that interconnects us with the surroundings. Feng Shui also states that arrangement of objects around us can influence its flow and balance. Specific arrangements of our surroundings can instigate success, in your work and in your love life. This applies even if you are working at home. With a few simple changes, you can Feng Shui your home work space. Let’s see what those are 🙂

Placement of workplace

Energy at your work space should be isolated from other area energies. As work space energy is highly active, it may interfere with your sleep if your work space is near to your bedroom. If your home office is supposed to be at your bedroom, divide the energy using a screen. Making your workplace at the center of your home can cause the energy to diffuse to rooms surrounding it. Below the staircase too is not an apt place according to Feng Shui. Locate your work area with a higher ceiling and this will stimulate work-rate and development.

Selection of work desk

If your desk is a second hand one, it may possess negative energy of the former owner. Discard it and buy a new desk for best results. A wooden desk is most preferable and shapes that deliver best effects are curved and rectangle. Don’t choose an incomplete desk. Desk with glass or any see-through top can cause your success to fall-through. L-shaped desks are not preferred also as it can inhibit your mobility and thus the energy. For a clear profession it is advised to clear everything below the desk. Trashcans can be put aside the desk

Location of desk

According to Feng Shui, the door is also the entrance of energy. So obviously you shouldn’t turn your back on energy. If it is inevitable under circumstances you have to sit opposite to a door, put a mirror so you can see the entrance. Sitting directly opposite to the door is not advisable either, as the energy can be too bright and can cause confusion about the path ahead. As mentioned earlier, if the desk is at the center, your supremacy can diffuse sideways. The best is to sit with a wall on behind as distant as possible from the door. A window can provide apt lighting but the view through the window might bewilder you.

Clean-up the mess

Derangement blocks the free-flow of ch’i. Avoid large furniture sets. A little more open space will surely provide a peace of mind. A desk and any repository for your files and books will be enough. Of course anything that is required constantly can acquire a place. Make a routine to clean-up mess

Office coloring

In Feng Shui, certain colors can reflect certain level of energy and thus possess the power to have some effects. Red is associated with sturdiness and it can have an effect to strengthen your deals. While yellow can stimulate creativity and willpower. Creativity is also dealt by blue-green which also have a consoling and relaxing effect. Never paint the ceiling with a dark color.

Divide into quadrants and Feng Shui

Facing the main entrance, your work area is divided into specific quadrants such as wealth area in the upper left corner, fame area at the back center and career area at the center front. Wealth area can be enhanced by using crystal. Hang something crystal such as a crystal bowl at the wealth quadrant. A flourishing plant is also an apt tool for this quadrant. Fame quadrant deals with your client base and career success. Articles that activate the fame area are a candle or a bright light, a red object or a red flower and a pyramid. Career quadrant enhances with water. So possible decorations are a fountain, painting of water bodies etc. Anything with black or midnight blue color will also do the job.

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