Stripping Down the Schedule

What’s the point in scheduling everything, if we persistently fail to stick to the plan? Things can go wrong or things can change. A flexible schedule won’t get you too bogged down, right? Let’s discuss some strategies to design a flexible time management system.

First, avoid giving in to every appointment, meeting and webinar. To some, this may seem a little unprofessional but this is a strategy to get more work done. When a client asks for an appointment, there doesn’t need to be an automatic “YES!” coming out of your mouth. If you find yourself in between projects or truly available, then go for it. Otherwise, schedule for another day or time. At the end of the day, be a bit flexible but be ok with saying “No.”

Know your goals. Make a list of your goals to accomplish for the day. Omit repairing the kitchen sink and mowing the lawn from the list – that’s personal stuff and has no reason to be on your work radar, even if you work at home. Optionally, you can make a secondary list to look into when and if, you have spare time.

Let’s talk about this secondary list. Add them in when you have time, just keep their deadlines firmly locked in so they do get done and you don’t have a domino effect of tasks. Use your computer or phone (or both) to keep it all together and progress with the tasks and priorities.

Finally the very obvious: Focus. The idea here is to focus on a single task at a time. Some of you, multitaskers might protest to the thought of it but it is true that multitasking diminishes productivity. Don’t believe me? Read Dave Crenshaw’s, “The Myth of Multitasking.” Don’t worry, the whole concept can be bound only to those listed major tasks. Embrace your downtime. Gradually, you will get accustomed to this single-tasking system, which is considerable less stressful.

When your schedule is stripped down like this, you can find yourselves in a more productive and stress free environment and you can save the frustration of being unable to stick to the plan.

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