Learning Time Management Can Bring Success

School teachers teach not only reading, writing and arithmetic, but they also teach life lessons. One life lesson that is important, in my opinion, is to teach others how to manage their time effectively .. and to do so beginning at a young age.

As part building time management technique, students are to set schedules and targets for their research, outlines, drafts, final papers and projects. Then, they would be evaluated on meeting the deadlines set by them, besides the worth of the content they produce. Should they fail to meet the schedule, a contingency plan as well as a “why did this happen?” discussion can take place. You need to have some failure to fully develop the learning of better time management. Missed deadlines are a prime example. The overall goal is to improve their skills in better time management.

Anyone .. yes anyone, can learn time management. It is not difficult or require a high IQ. What it does require is dedication to the plan. Regardless of the different social backgrounds, entirely different skill sets .. if you want to manage your time – you can.

Procrastination, ADD/ADHD are also closely linked to time management dysfunction. The “I’ll do it later” procrastination technique affects not just your personal life, but your professional life as well. Learning time management will certainly help you to overcome these problems and relieve much of the stress associated with it. Again, from my experience, I can attest that anybody can learn time management however sticking with the practice is generally where the technique fails the user.

Here are a few websites to help you if you are having problem with time management.

In addition, I recommend you to read David Allen’s Getting Things Done. While his process may not work for everyone, his insights on how we process information and productivity are outstanding.

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