Setting Up a Home Office

If you are running or planning to run a home based business, you will certainly require more physical space and gadgets than what a family requires to keep their documents or correspondences. A home office has, though, no definite size and it can be anything from a folding file to a large room.

While setting up the home based office, the most crucial thing to take into consideration is your family and its needs. For instance, if your children also use your computer, you need to set up a space separately where the system can be shared rather than the corner of your own bedroom. Similarly, gadgets and materials also must be chosen for adaptability.

Setting up the Space

For setting up the office space you can use a wall in your house or even a part of it. If the space is extremely short, you can have shelves mounted on the top area of the wall to use as a storing space for files and a folding table can be placed below. A screen can be placed to set off the space or corner of the room to create space for home office. You can also replace the double bed with sofa bedding to get space you need for the home office.

Use the guest room and a armoire-styled desk. When guests come for a visit, close (and lock) your armoire.

For me, I have a room in the old part of the house out in front. It’s on the road, sunny (well .. whenever Vermont actually gets sun), and I can see the UPS & FedEx guy before they can fake an attempt at delivery before leaving a note.

Setting up a Home Office

For setting up the home office to work properly, gadgets are less important than other intangibles in the office. Proper lighting, a desk and a ergonomic chair are very important. Large space is not really important and, as a matter of fact, it can be sometimes much easier to plan a smaller area than a larger one. If the office looks like a barren cubicle in a multi-storied complex, you may not like to spend more time there.

Before going make any purchase it is important to have a floor plan neatly drawn to scale. Plot windows and doors specifically and then draw the design for arranging all the furniture and equipment like the table, chair, shelf, computer etc.

Plan the work space in such a way that you have enough space for essential things like telephone and the same time ensuring that there is uncluttered space for writing notes etc. There should also be space to open the filing cabinets without trouble. If you are someone who uses whiteboards or corkboard, make sure you have room and is easily visible.

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Image credit: Home office by David Martyn Hunt | CC BY 2.0