WordPress Platform for Your Business

WordPress is a platform used by many bloggers for their blogs. Businesses are more and more using WordPress for their websites and here are the reasons why.

-1- WordPress is very easy to install

Most web hosting service providers are compatible with WordPress and have easy install instructions. You don’t have to know anything about websites and you will be able to install WordPress.

-2- WordPress is very easy to update

It reminds you on the WordPress dashboard when a new update is available, for the theme, WordPress itself, or plugins. Then you select the specific application and it updates.

-3- The WordPress visual editor is easy to use

It is a WYSIWYG (“What You See Is What You Get”) editor, in other words, the display is exactly how the page would look like.

-4- Plugins!

By using plugins features such as security, comment applications, SEO tools, social media and many more are instantly added to your website when the plugin is activated. Plugins are easily downloaded and there is a great variety to choose from. Without any knowledge, you can build a super website by making use of plugins.

-5- There is a large variety of WordPress themes what you can choose from

There are free themes and paid themes.  These themes are customizable and by changing some of the options available, the website can represent your business brand.   Logos, favicons, and banners can be added.

-6- WordPress theme makes it possible to have a blog on your website

You don’t need to choose between the two, you can have both. There are fixed pages to use for the website and by publishing posts your blog is continuously updated.

-7- WordPress and SEO: A Win-Win combination

If the theme itself doesn’t have the ability to optimize the pages, then there is a plugin that will do it for you.

-8- Blog posts are a great way to build a community and to build relationships with your clients and readers.

The posts invite participation from the readers by commenting, normally at the bottom of the specific post. Users can subscribe to receive your posts regularly.

-9- Ease of adaption is probably the greatest advantage of WordPress

You can change themes with a click. You can adjust your WordPress website to keep up with the changes in your business. Depending which theme you choose for your website, it will affect the look of the website. Many themes are compatible with different types of plugins, for example, you can add a store to your website.

WordPress themes use widgets to add applications to your website, for example Facebook like boxes, advertisements, Google search, buttons, images and many more.

The WordPress community has a ton of helpful of information regarding themes, plugins, and other aspects of WordPress, so you’re never going it alone.

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