10 Ways a Small Business Can Take Advantage of Contracting a Virtual Assistant

Contracting a Virtual Assistant (VA) is probably the best business decision you may ever take. Seriously!

An efficient virtual assistant can help you deal with the day-to-day administrative chores, so that you can concentrate on other productive. Listed below are ten ways in which a VA can support you.

1. Basic Office Assistance

Have you ever wished you had an office assistant on call anytime; a virtual assistant is the answer! For all typical office requirements like database maintenance, data entry, spreadsheet and word processing, etc. can be entrusted to a VA. In short, whatever you can give to your full-time office assistant can be entrusted to a VA.

2. Invoicing

The virtual assistant can help you in invoicing, so that the clients will get the proper invoices promptly. Needless to say that by having a VA to organize the invoices, you get enough time to spare for other work, which require your special attention.

3. Email and Voice-mail Operations

If you get a lot of emails or voice-mails, it is prudent to engage a VA to manage your inbox. The VA will discard the junk e-mails and promptly respond to communications which don’t demand your attention. Thus only a few essential messages are left for you to attend or respond personally. The VA will also list out a consolidated statement of voice-mail messages, so that you will never miss an important telephone call.

4. Website Advertising Management

Internet marketing or promotion is another area in which a VA could help you. Leave the boring jobs like pay-per-click promotions, publish articles or blog posts, submit your site or blog to search engines, add your website to online directories, develop banner advertisements, organize and send out emails, etc. to the VA. Most of the VAs stay updated on the latest trends in this area since they make their earning on the online world and spent most of their time there only.

5. Client Feedback

Make use of a virtual assistant’s services to keep present as well as prospective customers happy and returning. A VA can take care of customer concerns and problems much more effectively. By giving them with a prompt and productive response, the VA can help you maintain a better relationship with the clients.

6. Event Management

Success of any event is measured by the way it is organized. Organizing an event is extremely stressful. Using the assistance of a virtual assistant in organizing the workshops and business gatherings will take a considerable amount of this stress away. They can arrange for the venue, speakers, caterers, photographers, etc. and invite the guests, as well, in an orderly manner ensuring that everything is done systematically.

7. Traveling Arrangements

Regardless of whether your business demands you to travel a lot or not, a virtual assistant will help organize and consolidate the travel programs. The VA can arrange the transportation, lodging, etc. as per the schedule of the meetings or events. They can organize the trip in such a way that every goes well planned and trouble free.

8. Web Research

As mentioned earlier the virtual assistants spend most of the time online and they can effectively do the research, and find out the things you search faster and better. Their intensive research abilities can be effectively used for doing web research and analysis.

9. Schedule Management

Handling a hectic schedule successfully is not a matter of chance. Engage a VA to help you stay on top of your busy schedules, meetings, contacts or events. They can keep reminding you of the important engagements and events in advance so that you can you stay well organized and ready every day.

10. Project Management

The virtual assistant is capable of handling any project whether it is big and small. The co-coordinating abilities of a VA can help you keep any project on the right track. They can reduce the stress of project management at the same time making sure that milestones and deadlines are met.

In short the virtual assistant provides custom-made support options for your organization. When you hire a virtual assistant, the specific requirements of the business are covered at the same time cutting your own workload and giving you more time for productive work.

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