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Twitter is perhaps the most powerful of all social networks when it comes to marketing your business, and you should already have an account set up for your business. Naturally you may find it difficult to manage the account; monitoring your feed for anyone mentioning your business, and even just posting updates promoting your business. Most corporations have a dedicated department managing their social media, though this is not feasible for small and medium businesses.

Management of your social media sites is a function that you should be able to assign to a virtual assistant quite comfortably. A virtual assistant will be able to:

Watch for Mentions

Companies are mentioned on Twitter very frequently, with the associated sentiment being positive, neutral or negative. All three of these sentiments are equally important, and each mention represents one customer, and easy access to market research. Your virtual assistant should follow each user, and begin compiling lists of all the users. These lists can be as simple or as detailed as necessary – fans; critics; their likes and dislikes; what do they do in their spare time; their age groups – any information that can be gathered from their profile and their tweets that could help you keep them satisfied.

It is a lot of work, especially in the beginning, which is why you need a virtual assistant to work on this. You could try and monitor your feed yourself, using search functions and hashtags, but a virtual assistant is able to dedicate more time and focus to the task, while also compiling those essential lists of followers.

Customer Support

With each mention having an associated sentiment, it becomes apparent that Twitter is not only about marketing and research, but also about customer support. Begin by having your virtual assistant categorize and prioritize each mention or incoming message according to conditions laid out by you. Your virtual assistant could respond directly to any neutral or positive messages, while passing negative messages on to you.

Later, you can have the virtual assistant managing almost all aspects of customer support for you, submitting regular reports to you to keep you updated.

Expand your Network

Social media sites need to be dynamic, they must not only be updated regularly, they must also grow and build confidence. Your virtual assistant can manage this by following users who mention your business, along with other users and businesses related to your field. In addition to responding to messages and mentions, your virtual assistant should also retweet certain messages, and also share relevant information to your network. Information that should be shared must not only relate directly to your business, but must include information relating to your field of work.

This represents only a small portion of what a virtual assistant could do for your business in managing your Twitter account, and other social media sites.

Are you already using a virtual assistant for this? What suggestions do you have, based on your experience? C’mon .. share!

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